• Genetic Weight Management

    With all of the diets on the market today it can be overwhelming to figure out which is the right one for you.  The genetic weight management test takes the Guesswork Out of Losing Weight

    Don’t waste a day on the wrong diet! The Weight Management Genetic Test may help you lose more weight by properly matching diet and exercise to your personal genetic makeup so no guessing!

    What’s the right percentage of carbs, fat and protein for your diet? Should you exercise at high intensity, or can you get by with a moderate workout? Your test results may tell you the personalized answers you need to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

    Improve your weight loss

    The Weight Management Genetic Test has been all over the news -The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Morning News and is used on The Biggest Loser.

    You’ll receive a personalized, easy to understand Test Report and Results Booklet recommending a diet and exercise plan that may work better with your genetic makeup to support your weight management goals. Once you receive your report you will have the option of incorporating a personal chef who will make all of your organic recipes hand delivered to your home at a very reasonable rate. This is one of The Olive Leaf’s all inclusive programs which permits you to eat healthy in today’s fast paced environment and cater specific to your bodies nutritional needs.

  • TK1

    TK-1 can indicate and measure the degree of inflammation your body is experiencing aside from cancer cell replication.

    For individuals suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as Lyme disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s disease, irritable bowel, food allergies, food and environmental sensitivities, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and autism to name a few, the TK-1 blood test can be an additional marker to monitor the progress of your treatment protocols in reducing inflammation and therefore the need for DNA repair.

    Who should have the TK-1 test done? Everyone, because it is an excellent biomarker. The test should be repeated annually in individuals with low risk for cancer, and more frequently for those at higher risk or those undergoing cancer treatment or the treatment of chronic infection or auto-immune conditions.

    If you are in remission, annual testing of TK-1 will help in early detection of recurrence of cancer.

    If you are actively being treated for Lyme disease or any other type of chronic infection, the TK-1 test will help as a monitor of the level of improvement of your cellular repair as TK-1 levels drop with the reduction of DNA damage and improvement of cellular repair.

    Knowledge empowers, therefore, find out your TK-1 levels now.

  • GI Testing

    The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis offers a comprehensive look at the overall health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The original non-invasive evaluation of gastrointestinal function that includes analyses of digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, and yeast. This gastrointestinal test profile is recommended for patients with diffuse and non-specific GI-related symptoms such as IBS, indigestion, dysbiosis, constipation, and diarrhea.

    Digestive Complaints are Among the Most Common Reasons that Individuals Seek Medical Care
    Evidence suggests that both local and systemic health issues may begin as imbalances in GI function. This diagnostic gastrointestinal stool test provides immediate, actionable clinical information for the estimated 50% of all patients seen by primary care practitioners who have GI complaints including IBS.

    Consequences of Imbalanced Gastrointestinal Health:

    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be the result of maldigestion, malabsorption, dysbiosis, and/or inflammation
    • Maldigestion can result in GI symptoms such as gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea

    Chronic maldigestion can lead to bacterial/fungal overgrowth and alterations in gut permeability. Toxins and large molecules that escape the intestinal barrier can enter the general

  • Food Sensitivity

    The Food Sensitivity Test helps you identify the foods you are eating that could be the root cause of these symptoms

    The prevalence of food allergies has been increasing and it is estimated that 50% of adults and 70% of children suffer from food allergies.

    You can discover your hidden food sensitivities through a simple blood test.

    Results will come back in approximately 2.5 weeks, and one of our Naturopathic Doctors will meet with you to review your unique sensitivities.  They will also provide a lifestyle plan and specific recommendations to help you achieve your wellness goals as efficiently as possible.

  • Adrenal Testing

    Four saliva tests are taken at 6-hour intervals, in order to measure a full 24-hour circadian rhythm.

    The markers measure the output of Cortisol and DHEA (two prolific hormones released from the adrenal cortex) to assess stress levels. Low DHEA can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety and insomnia and can, in the long-term, lead to damage to the cardiovascular system, lungs, brain and respiratory system.

    Once stress levels are assessed, healing and rebalancing can be efficiently and accurately addressed.


    Finding out your blood type is a great starting point to help you reach your health care goals.
    Eat Right 4 your type is based on the principle that your blood type-O, A, B or AB-determines your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, fight off diseases, and handle stress.

    The Blood Type Diet is based on the theory that protein-like compounds in food called lectins react with different blood types to cause a wide variety of health complaints.

    Simply put, when you eat a food containing lectins that are incompatible with your blood type antigen, the lectins target an organ or bodily system (kidneys’ liver, brain, stomach, etc.) and begin to agglutinate (making them sticky and causing them to clump together with other antigens and blood cells in the area).

    Scientific evidence supports his contention and he continues in depth research in this area. Dr. D’Adamo believes that if you want to prevent health problems, it is important to eat foods that are compatible with your blood type based upon their lectins content.


    This highly personalized & advanced assessment includes:
    • Accurate Salivary Hormone Test is the best way to check for imbalance.
    • Measures and reports levels of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone
    • Multiple Sample Testing provides accurate analysis hormone function.
    • Advanced Menopause Type® Questionnaire.
    • Includes menopause specific anthropometric analysis with 9 panels.
    • Advanced Clinical Analysis taken from three seperate salvia samples.

    When hormones are out of balance so are you. Size does not fit all when it comes to hormones! For decades western medicine has prescribed HRT as if everyone needed the same thing and the same amount. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your hormones are like your fingerprints and in order to achieve optimal health, you need to know what your specific imbalances are.

    To find out about your hormonal status you’ll need to have lab tests performed. There are several ways to test (saliva, serum and urine), but the state-of-the-art testing is through saliva. This is because it measures only the active portions of your hormones and it is these portions that determine how you feel. Saliva testing is the most accurate tool to measure and monitor your hormone status. These tests have become powerful tools in evaluating hormone related diseases and the overall wellness of the patient.

  • Vitamin Deficiency Test

    Nutritional deficiencies can majorly impact a number of your body’s key systems.  There is overwhelming evidence confirming that nutrient deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune function contributing to chronic disease process including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

    Further, certain deficiencies can impact your body’s ability to fight off cancer (magnesium and vitamin D3, amongst others) and other diseases.

    The Micronutrient test will reveal your deficiencies, and provide you with a measure of your cell-mediated immune system performance (Immunidex) for a wide range of vitamins and nutrients.

    After your test results come back in, one of our Naturopathic Doctors will meet with you to review your results and help you put together a gameplan (diet, supplementation, exercise, etc) to correct your deficiencies and bolster your strengths.