Several months ago I had the privilege to speak at the Marriot in Atlanta to a group of patients who were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  As I stood at the podium and looked over the crowd I could see many melancholy faces looking back at me.  The primary aspect of my speech centered on the emotional component as it pertains to the physical manifestation of diseases, such as Fibromyalgia or any chronic pain condition.  When I finished speaking, I had the occasion to meet several of the attendees.  Each person had the opportunity to share their personal journey. The common theme consisted of a lengthy path to finding answers which were scattered with dismissiveness of concerns and a cascade of misdiagnoses.  A husband and wife both stood in front of me and started to cry as they spoke of how they were both feeling helpless in their pursuit of relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms.  The husband was his wife’s caretaker. He was distraught over his wife’s constant state of suffering and the inability to find relief.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most evasive conditions. Until recent years it was dismissed as a catchall term for any condition that could not be assigned a diagnosis. Hence, it has been one of medicine’s most disconcerting puzzles. Consequently, when the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together, then a clearer more precise picture appears. This allows the patient as well as the practitioner to regain hope.

In Naturopathic medicine we always look at the cause of a condition rather than only looking at the symptomology of a condition.  Fibromyalgia causes widespread muscle pain and was ignored by medicine until the late 1980’s even though it was reported in medical literature more than 150 years ago.  As the increase in Fibromyalgia patients, the quest for a better understanding of the seriousness of this debilitating condition arose, especially among women in which Fibromyalgia has a major predominance.

Fibromyalgia usually starts between the ages of twenty and fifty and some women appear to contract it during menopause or perimenopause. The pain in the body starts in just one part of the body and then spreads. Therefore, the degree of pain can range from a dull ache to an excruciating series of stabbing, searing sensations.  The pain originates from muscle fibers, hence the name “fibra” meaning fibrous and “mys” meaning muscle. If you think you have fibromyalgia symptoms you should be seen by a rheumatologist to receive a true diagnosis. Dr. Google is not an option especially when you have chronic unexplained pain.   Other diseases such as lupus and hypothyroidism can mimic fibromyalgia symptoms and both conditions are also very serious.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • Insomnia…almost 100% of patients do not get enough sleep.
  • Headaches…almost 50% percent of all  patients have chronic headaches.
  • IBS…Many patients suffer from constipation, diarrhea, and digestive disorders.
  • PMS…Many  patients suffer from painful menses and severe cramping
  • TMJ pain… 25% experience chronic tightness in the temporomandibular joints of their jaws.
  • Restless leg Syndrome…Many patients cannot keep their legs still at night.
  • Irritable bladder syndrome… Many  patients have painful or frequent urination.
  • Cognitive difficulties…Many  patients to have problems with short-term
  • Anxiety and depression…25% of  patients suffer clinical depression and anxiety.
  • Dryness of eyes and mouth…25% or more of  patients have a lack of lubrication.
  • Lack of muscle strength…most patients are in poor muscle tone and strength.


In my practice, I support working with your current healthcare provider to help you find triggers which may be inhibiting the healing process of your body. The Olive Leaf provides a specific Detoxification protocol that has been clinically studied to decrease fibromyalgia symptoms by 44%.

We provide Micronutrient Testing to isolate what nutrient deficiencies can be linked to your fibromyalgia symptoms. Food Sensitivities can also become a contributing factor to catalysts which could be increasing an antibody response within the bloodstream causing additional inflammation.

We also provide an emotional support program to help with the emotional component of healing Self Reclaimed program.  If you are a loved one suffers from fibromyalgia or any chronic pain condition please schedule a consultation today in our office so we can help you on your journey to regain yourself.