Pathway Genomics is dedicated to providing precision genetic testing to improve health and wellness, but unlike many of our competitors we also are committed to ensuring that our providers and patients have resources, action plans and support to make proactive changes based on their test results. From something as simple as a guide to portion sizes to something as complex as personalized, calorie specific, genetic based diet plans, we have the wellness information you need at your fingertips 24/7.

  • SkinFit™ Test


    SkinFit™ is a unique, provider-ordered genetic test which analyzes over 70 genetic markers associated with seven categories of skin health.

  • PathwayFit® Test
    pathwayFit_icon1Analyzes over 75 genetic markers known to impact metabolism, exercise, and energy use within the human body

    Provides insight into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins

  • Healthy Weight DNA Insight® Test
    healthyWeightDNA_icon1One of the most comprehensive weight-related genetic tests available

    Unique combination of nutrigenetic, medication, and general health information

  • Healthy Woman DNA Insight® Test

    May help to better manage post-partum weight loss

    Aids in identifying behaviors that may need to be managed

    Provides information to promote improvement in overall health and wellness

  • Cardiac DNA Insight® Test

    Tests for the genetic risk of a variety of heart-related health conditions

    Examines eight classes of drugs that affect the cardiovascular system

  • Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight® Test
    cardiacHWDNA_icon1Provides specific genetic information including matching diet type, nutritional needs and genetic propensities

    May help reduce the risk of heart disease by making appropriate diet and nutritional changes

    Provides personalized approach to healthy weight loss

  • Phenotype Glossary® Test
    PathwayGenomics_iconDiscover more about the phenotypes associated with our health and wellness genetic test menu.

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