How does the Shape Reclaimed Program Help You?

Six goals achieved by completing the SHAPE Wellness program:

  1. Decrease Inflammation
  2. Boost Immune System
  3. Detox/Cleanse the liver
  4. Lose unhealthy excess weight (If needed) and how to keep it off.
  5. Repair Metabolism
  6. Implement a foundation for your Future Healthy Lifestyle!

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a safe, effective nanomolecular dietary supplement created to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse–all while reducing excess weight.

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is developed out of decades of clinical experience and is the foundation of our program. What we’ve discovered is that the synergistic combination of ingredients in SHAPE ReClaimed, along with our total wellness program, is having astounding transformative health benefits. The result, in addition to weight loss, is a re-energized, revitalized you!

“ I am so excited to provide this amazing program to my patients. I am results driven and love to see a program work the way Shape is working for my patients.  It is amazing to see how lives can change with the right information and proper guidance.”

Yours In Health,

Melissa Bennett, ND

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