I am sharing this story to bring awareness to Mesothelioma

I remember the days where I could walk out of my back yard and see a creek running behind my house. Every day was such an adventure and miles and miles of wooded area were abundant for exploring. My Grandma and Grandpa raised me and although I did not have the traditional family, I truly enjoyed my childhood and loved them both with all my heart. One of the best things about my childhood was that I could have any animal I wanted so my yard was chockfull of goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and in 1976 I had two monkeys Munsee and coco, which because it was 1976, probably escaped from the CDC and ended up at my grandpa’s house. I have to say I would not be who I am today without them in my life.

My Grandpa was a carpenter and worked building and remodeling homes. When he was not building or cutting lumber I spent most of my days outside with him which brought much joy to my heart. The one thing that made a lasting impression was my grandpa’s gardens. You see my grandpa was also a share cropper and he and I would spend the summers tilling the land and growing all sorts of vegetables. He would share his vegetables with anyone who would allow him to farm on their land and was greatly respected in our little town. We opened a little fruit stand and would sell the beautiful tomatoes and non GMO corn  that we grew together for a dollar a basket. I wished those days could have lasted forever.

Life has a way of changing in a blink of an eye.. I was only 13 years old when my grandpa was diagnosed with mesothelioma. The days in the garden transgressed to days and weeks in the hospital. My cousins and I inhabited the halls of the hospital for weeks at a time. It was a slow and painful experience. Watching my Grandpa fight for his life only to succumb to the misery of the disease. In 1979 many had not even heard of this type of cancer. The word asbestos was mentioned by the doctors, but no one in my family really knew what it was or even where it could be found. With each trip to the Hospital, my grandpa became weaker and his breathing became such a toil and a burden to produce. It was a warm fall day when he finally took his last breath. Upon hearing that he had passed I ran to a grassy spot in front of our home and spent hours grieving and crying and at that moment I knew my life would forever change. My memories of my grandpa now sometimes surface and I think of the time we spent together walking near our creek and through our neighborhood down to his gardens. I know in my heart that he has a beautiful garden in heaven and one day I will walk with him again.

I am sharing this story to bring awareness to Mesothelioma because I do not feel it is a cancer that receives much recognition unless you or someone you love has been diagnosed. I have had two lives which have been stolen because of the dreadful and in some cases preventable disease. My uncle Freddy who was a painter and had also worked on homes was also diagnosed with mesothelioma and died at 52. He was a joy to be around and was always finding different contraptions to fiddle with and repair. He was very smart and could figure out how anything worked. He was also the life of the party and loved dancing the two step to country music. Both of these men, (father and son) to know fault of their own ended up exposed to asbestos, which ultimately brought untimely deaths.

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