Immune System and Cancer

15 years ago my immune system decided to take a vacation and completely lost its compass. I developed an aggressive cancer and was given only a 45% chance of survival.  I did not drink nor smoke. I thought I was relatively a healthy person only to find out that my body was in a state of decline. I was placed on 2 years of chemotherapy, with the first year consisting of “the cocktail” of Adremycine, Cyploxin and Taxol. This was followed by 46 radiation treatments and ended with once a week visits of Herceptin and Taxol for 56 weeks.  After these years of chemo and radiation, I decided I would dedicate the remainder of my life “helping God’s peoples” stay healthy. We are all God’s children, and I have been blessed to help a Lot of people!


There is growing support indicating that the immune system has a major role in how cancer reacts to chemotherapy, especially if chemotherapy is applied during the escape phase of the tumor. This is a crucial time period because if therapy is applied at this specific point it not only affects the tumor but also modulates the relationship between the tumor and the immune system. So basically, it reduces the tumors immunosuppressive properties…surgical removal of the primary tumor also can restore the antibody and cell mediated response in animals for breast cancer.  I am not an oncologist, nor do I pretend to play one on TV.   I am however very balanced in my view on treatment where it pertains to cancer.  I see the benefit of using the best of both medical and natural approaches when one is fighting this horrific disease.


The immune system’s natural capacity to detect and destroy abnormal cells may prevent the development of many cancers. However, cancer cells are sometimes able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system. During the past decade, the rapidly advancing field of cancer immunology has produced several new methods of treating cancer, called immunotherapies, which increase the strength of immune responses against tumors. Immunotherapy either stimulates the activities of specific components of the immune system, or counteracts signals produced by cancer cells that suppress immune responses.  I personally participated in the Herceptin clinical trial in 2000.  Herceptin is a monoclonal antibody whose role in my body was like that of a corner back who intercepts a football. Herceptin targeted the HER2 positive gene, and according to the outcome of this clinical trial, increased survival by 50%.  Prior to this therapy, many women died from HER2 positive cancer.

I also believe, that we have more control over cancer than waiting on a diagnosis.  Once diagnosed you have many decisions that have to be made and usually a very short time to make these decisions. The traditional route is usually biopsy, surgical removal, chemotherapy and radiation in whatever order serves the purpose of eradicating the cancer. The combination of using the best medicine has to offer, along with supportive nutritional care, can give your body better ammunition to fight cancer.  The Olive Leaf will work hand in hand with your Surgeon and Oncologist to help develop a more naturopathic approach to nutrition.  You can visit Immunity on the Olive Leaf site to find additional information on our Services.

If you are a cancer survivor, or if you are looking at cancer from a preventative standpoint then you are in a great place!

The Olive Leaf provides the following:

The Olive Leaf also looks at disease from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective and addresses these areas which are vitally important to maintain health.  If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about these procedures,  you can go directly to The Olive Leaf and schedule an initial consultation with blood typing if needed.