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Skin Brushing

Skin brushing is a wonderful way to open up an area of elimination through the largest organ in the body “You’re Skin”! Shedding of skin is a natural process which our bodies are constantly doing. Skin brushing is a highly effective technique for assisting the lymphatic system and boosting circulation. The following are guidelines to help you get started: Always […]

Oil Swishing

Have you tried Oil Swishing? This method of detoxification is quite inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This form of alternative healing is derived from Ayveredic medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years in India. Instructions   The person rinses their mouth with approximately one tablespoon of oil (sesame and sunflower oils are […]

How is a Castor Oil Pack Made?

Castor oil packs are made by soaking a piece of flannel in castor oil and placing it on the skin. The flannel is covered with a sheet of plastic, and then a hot water bottle is placed over the plastic to heat the pack. A castor oil pack can be placed on the following body […]

Lose Weight Without All The Gimmicks

Lose Weight Naturally What does it mean to lose weight holistically?  It is becoming more and more commonplace for people to practice holistic lifestyles. Holistic meaning “the whole you”. Our bodies are complex networks intertwined in many ways and approaching healing them that way has shown significant improvement in our daily lives. Often times, there is […]

3 Ways To Take A Load Off IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder that leads to abdominal pain and cramping, changes in bowel movements, and other symptoms. Some of the other symptoms include urgency to go, bloating, fatigue, and weight gain. There are typically two causes of IBS. Food sensitivities or allergies and an overabundance of pathogenic bacteria in the GI tract. […]

Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity, and Food Intolerance: What’s the Difference?

Food allergies are typically diagnosed when a person is younger, but today more physicians are realizing that just because a person isn’t “allergic” doesn’t mean they aren’t sensitive to particular foods they eat. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding food allergies, food sensitivity, and food intolerance. So, we are here to set the […]